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Consumer trust, consumer experience and risk management


A recent article by Michael Lowenstein indicates that customer trust “is the connective tissue that holds customers, brands, and enterprises together; and, without trust, these connections would quickly dissolve.” Over the last few years Riskope have spent a lot of R&D funds and efforts to study the relationship between public perception of risks, risk assessments and crises developments, coming to the same conclusions.  If trust is not built through at least: transparent and rational risk assessments, proper internal and external communication and true…

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A recent, accident in the Alps is a frustrating, yet empowering reminder.


Riskope thanks Federico Sasso for this contribution. In our days to day practice at Riskope we are regularly confronted with what we call the “specialist syndrome” and have to tackle political resistance which often delays or hinders rational Risk and Crisis Management implementations. All that seems like a recurring theme which usually foreshadows a disaster. If you think we are being negative, go back to a post Riskope published three years ago. It focused on a rather common fallacious perception…

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Parlando di crisi partendo dal Weiji: non solo pericolo ed opportunità


Riskope ringrazia Luca Calderan per questo interessante contributo.   Il termine weiji è noto a molti esperti di consulenza e risk management a partire da un discorso di John F. Kennedy del 12 aprile 1959 ad Indianapolis. Da quel momento in poi ha infatti preso piede nel mondo della politica e del business la dicotomia tra weiji (ovvero il termine cinese per la parola crisi) e la traduzione con i due ideogrammi che rappresenterebbero rispettivamente il pericolo (wei) e l’opportunità…

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Nude celebrity photo leak throws Apple into a crisis.


Just As Apple prepares to launch iPhone 6 the brand suffers another crisis. Here are the facts: On August 31, 2014, ~200 private pictures of various celebrities were posted to the image board website. An investigation by Apple found the photos were stolen from its iCloud service by guessing usernames, passwords and security questions. Here’s Apple’s full statement published on September 2, 2014 2:31 PM EDT: We wanted to provide an update to our investigation into the theft of photos…

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Megaprojects, Psychology and Risk Management


Often, projects are led by planners and managers who keep changing throughout the long project cycles that apply to megaprojects, have little knowledge of risk management and risk based decision making leaving leadership weak and promoters overexposed. There are numerous biases that can interfere with good mega-projects management. “Uniqueness bias” can be defined as the tendency of planners and managers to see their projects as singular. This particular bias stems from the fact that new projects often use non-standard technologies and designs,…

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BYOD Security: Balancing Risks and Rewards


Riskope thanks Paige Calahan for this post. Bring your own device (BYOD) campaigns involve companies allowing employees to use their own smartphones, tablets and laptops for business. It’s a great perk for employees because they remain connected to their own gear with some financial compensation, and businesses receive more productive and satisfied employees. With all that activity between devices in a cloud computing space, BYOD can “compromise your company information if [employees] don’t have the proper security on their devices,”…

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Special Issue: Mount Polley, B.C., Tailings Dam Breach, Aug. 4th 2014


We have, like many, been reading publicly available information about the widely reported tailings dam accident occurred on Aug. 4th, 2014, at Mount Polley, B.C., Canada.  Of course, official inquiries will define causes and reponsibilities. What we intend to do with this note is to rationally discuss a few concepts linked to this event, as it seems that, like usual, in the aftermath of a catastrophe, numerous voices raise out of emotional and sometimes irrational perceptions and issues start to…

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