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Megaprojects, Psychology and Risk Management


Often, projects are led by planners and managers who keep changing throughout the long project cycles that apply to megaprojects, have little knowledge of risk management and risk based decision making leaving leadership weak and promoters overexposed. There are numerous biases that can interfere with good mega-projects management. “Uniqueness bias” can be defined as the tendency of planners and managers to see their projects as singular. This particular bias stems from the fact that new projects often use non-standard technologies and designs,…

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BYOD Security: Balancing Risks and Rewards


Riskope thanks Paige Calahan for this post. Bring your own device (BYOD) campaigns involve companies allowing employees to use their own smartphones, tablets and laptops for business. It’s a great perk for employees because they remain connected to their own gear with some financial compensation, and businesses receive more productive and satisfied employees. With all that activity between devices in a cloud computing space, BYOD can “compromise your company information if [employees] don’t have the proper security on their devices,”…

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Special Issue: Mount Polley, B.C., Tailings Dam Breach, Aug. 4th 2014


We have, like many, been reading publicly available information about the widely reported tailings dam accident occurred on Aug. 4th, 2014, at Mount Polley, B.C., Canada.  Of course, official inquiries will define causes and reponsibilities. What we intend to do with this note is to rationally discuss a few concepts linked to this event, as it seems that, like usual, in the aftermath of a catastrophe, numerous voices raise out of emotional and sometimes irrational perceptions and issues start to…

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Mitigate the Risks linked to Employee Failure with Improved Recruitment and Selection


Riskope thanks Lindsay Edwards for this contribution Many companies aroud the world consider the hazards linked to employee recruitment and retention as very significant. Here are some tips that will help you mitigate the risk linked to employee failure. Understand the need This involves optimizing job specifications and also being sure that you have a proper understanding of your business needs before you commence the recruitment process. The specifications for the role should make clear reference to the technical skills…

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North China early-warning system for quakes


North China has seen violent seismic activity, including an 8.2-magnitude earthquake in 1976, killing more than 242,000 people in Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin. That event was one of the deadliest calamities in human history. China started to pay attention to early earthquake warnings after the 8.0-magnitude Wenchuan earthquake, which killed nearly 70,000 people. Many countries, including Japan, Mexico and Turkey are equipped with early warning systems. A real-time system can give warnings within seconds after a quake and can save…

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Project Risk Management


The best ROI from Risk Management comes if it is conceived as a continuous support of a project from cradle to grave. It does not matter if the project is an acquisition, a strategic shift the board of directors envisions, a process change or some capital expenditure for an existing operation/infrastructure. The support includes of course scheduling and budgeting risk assessment. If the support starts at pre-feasibility level, the return on investment is the highest. However, we can intervene at…

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Emergenza frane in Italia


Il caso Recenti interviste rilasciate da Franco Gabrielli, capo della protezione civile dal 2010, riportano come in Italia siano stati censiti 480’000 sistemi franosi ma, in considerazione del fatto che non tutti i sistemi sono stati registrati, il dato di riferimento passerebbe a circa due milioni. Un centinaio di questi sarebbe della dimensione della frana della Saxe, vicino a Courmayeur in Valle d’Aosta, che ha destato molto richiamo e molto interesse da parte dei media e del pubblico nel primo…

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