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Ethics in mining, oil and other natural resources fields


We participated in a debate on ethics in mining at CIM 2015 (Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum). It was stated that more than any other industry, mining requires holistic approaches because impacts are indeed holistic. Interesting to note that when discussing about ethics everyone seems to accept the idea of holistic impacts, yet nobody objects to common practice risk assessments that most of the time censor and bias impacts and consequences. Thus it seems that the silos culture…

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Corso gestione aziendale e supporto decisionale all’intersezione tra la neuropsicologia e le tecniche di analisi quantitativa.


                          Riskope ha appena concluso una tournée di corsi e conferenze in Nord-America che si appoggiano, tra l’altro, sul nostro film di animazione e sulle metafore che esso introduce. Gilles Placet continua i suoi cicli di corsi e seminari basati sulla neuropsicologia e sulle costellazioni sistemiche e quantiche in Italia ed in Francia. A fine giugno Gilles e Franco presenteranno a Torino un corso di due giorni sull’essere ed il…

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State of Practice for Tailings Management Workshop at CIM 2015 Montreal, Mount Polley Failure


This summarizes part of the conversations and presentations which took place, as Riskope interprets them. The Tailings Management Workshop started with a Panel, Ministry, Legal and CIM, CAD positions’ review, in particular with respect to the tailings dam accident occurred on Aug. 4th, 2014, at Mount Polley, B.C., Canada. Incidentally, we reported immediately after the accident in this blog, giving “world-wide” rates of MAJOR failures we had developed in a paper published in 2012. The causes of failure (simplified to the extreme…

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What a 5000 year old producer-buyer dispute can teach us? A snapshot of ancient business hazards, crisis development, and customer satisfaction in the extraction business.


In a book entitled “Traces of Paradise: The Archaeology of Bahrain, 2500 BC to 300 AD” we have found an interesting example of “business dispute” translated from a cuneiform tablet. The letter is quite interesting because it was actually found in Ur, so we have an approximate find spot, which is unfortunately somewhat rare for most cuneiform tablets. It’s also interesting because of the mention of merchants who trade with Telmun, a city in the Persian Gulf, probably near to…

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Doing a Risk Assessment on your business is great, but where should you stop?


On March 4th 2015 a chemical fire fueled by trichloroisocyanuric acid from a container forced hundreds in Vancouver’s downtown core to stay indoors and triggered partial evacuation in the city. On April 8th 2015 Vancouver woke up with at least least 2,700 liters of “bunker fuel” spill in its bay. On April 16th a fire broke at Squamish Terminals deep-water port in B.C. Those three events made me think of a Risk Assessment performed a couple years ago on commercial…

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Five keys to healthy planning, project management that every manager needs, but only successful ones know.


Projects, particularly larger ones, are inherently risky due to long planning horizons and complex interfaces. Inevitable changes in management and workforce personnel during the project’s cycle are known to increase uncertainties and generate unwanted additional risk exposures. Complexity, interdependencies and unplanned events are often unaccounted for, leaving budget and time contingencies inadequate. May be you are among those who: Are concerned that all risks may not have been identified and their consequences are underestimated. Find that too many risks are…

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How system definition and interdependencies allow transparent, and scalable Risk Assessments.


Any civil or military system, consists of nodes (Fig. 1) which receive, process or transform, and produce resources. The nodes are generally interdependent, as we shall see later in detail. By defining the system the context of the risk assessment is defined in compliance with ISO 310000. The system’s architecture must be carefully studied by people who intimately know the system . Risk assessment experts can only offer support in this phase as they do not know the structure’s intricacies.…

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