The Cure to Risk Management Syndromes

The cure to Risk Management Syndromes includes six points. The cure to Risk Management Syndromes In a well managed organization hazard specialists should define the hazards, their magnitude, and to a certain extent, with facilitation, the likelihood of a strike. Then a Risk Manager will determine the risk posed by these hazards, after helping to evaluate probabilities and potential consequences of the hazards hitting the system. Finally he will deliver a risk estimation in a clear and transparent way. He…

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RISK MANAGEMENT RELATED SYNDROMES Hazards have to be treated transparently, which of course does not exclude confidentiality, in order to avoid various well known organizational risk-related money wasting syndromes which we will summarize in three points: The “specialist syndrome”: this syndrome leads hazard specialists of a given hazard, for example IT, military, political, or financial experts to believe they understand how to evaluate risks. They do not: they can characterize the hazard they specialize in, but they do not know…

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Rational Methodologies for Land Mines/Unexploded Ordnance Contaminated Land Release or Clearing Decision Making

┬áRECENT UXO/MINE CLEARANCE FINDINGS Over recent years, the community working towards the aims of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) has begun to struggle with fundamental questions related to the efficiency of clearance efforts and the need to release land in countries facing strong demographic and social pressures (Jordan Times, 2004). A series of studies on Lao PDR found that physically cleared ground more than 292 km2 was less than 2% contaminated with Explosive Remnants of War (ERW). That denotes…

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