Long term risk mitigation plans at country wide scale can be measured

Humanity’s risk profile is changing Long term risk mitigation plans at country wide scale can be measured. The elements of humanity’s global risk equation, which already seem, also thanks to media and informational pressures, to describe an ascending and worrisome trajectory, will change radically in the future (Financial Times, 2007). Among these changes we can cite: Some parameters of change Global climate change (natural hazards). The intensity/magnitude, probability and annual distribution of many natural hazards may change because of global…

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Enhancing Efficiency and Efficacy in Humanitarian Programs

Enhancing Efficiency and Efficacy When Enhancing Efficiency and Efficacy we often confuse efficiency and efficacy. Efficiency corresponds to an operation with a high result-versus-costs ratio, for example results vs. energy, time, and money. Efficacy characterizes an action with the power to produce an effect. Efficiency means doing as good a good a job as possible. Effectiveness means getting a result by doing the right job. Reportedly neither efficiency nor efficacy rank very high in the Humanitarian Programs industry, one that…

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A solution to “Tech-Speak”, technical risk words, and obscure definitions in Risk and Crisis Management

In order to find  a solution to tech-speak, technical risk words, and obscure definitions in Risk and Crisis Management, when we wrote our Book we also inserted a Glossary. A solution to Tech-Speak, technical risk words, and obscure definitions in Risk and Crisis Management Please refer to it if you want to make sure about the meaning of any term you will find in this blog and Risk and Crisis Management information sources. The definitions in the Glossary are “generally…

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Denial of Insurance Coverage plagues mining industry developments world wide

Mining Corporations need to properly prioritize risks, define possible alternatives for mitigation, and define reasonable insurance programs...Reasonable is key word, and it can be shown that oftentimes insurance contracts are far from optimal. This short article will tell you what to do and how to do it in relation to insurance policies! A recent study showed that large amount of money can be spared by applying proper approaches.

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Decision making process should be used everyday for more rational resources allocations. How come it is not a democratised process yet?

Complex mathematics and impervious literature might be the root cause of many professionals’ impression that quantitative risk assessment and the resulting risk-based decision making are to be used and constitute the exclusive domain of high-stake decision-makers. “Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk & Crisis Management” is the title of the 2007 Book published by Riskope to guide corporate managers to making better decisions, steer their projects across an ocean of uncertainties and make winning moves. The book has been written for…

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Kiss Approach To Risk Based Decision Making

Who doesn’t have to make decisions? Private decisions? Job related/business decisions? No matter your age, position, job, we all have to make decisions almost on a day to day basis. Decisions alternatives, even the straight forward ones, often have hidden/secondary effects, and most of the time are made more difficult by our perception, sentimental values etc. Large corporations sometimes use highly sophisticated procedures to support their decisions on capital expenditure, investments, processes, and yet, oftentimes, they realize afterwards that the…

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