Short Courses

Short Courses

Nov 18th, 2009

On April 14th 2010 Franco is invited to give a half-day long short course at a mining conference in Santiago de Chile.
More information here (in Spanish)

Similar short courses (customized to your company’s needs) can be organized world-wide, or you can opt for a remote-education solution, as explained here (in English).

In February 2010 there will be a 3×2.5hrs webcast by Cesar and Franco, organized by Edumine, from Vancouver. Let us know if you are interested.

Examples of courses contents

Link between the so called financial and non financial risks .

Unified transparent approach to R&CM.

R&CM have evolved from an “after the fact” implementation into a “pre-feasibility” exercise, and decision making support tools.

Evolution of Qualitative, Quantitative approaches in Risk Assessment.

Example of recent and well knowns crises, disasters.

History of some critical decisions examples.

Discussion of various common behavioral biases.

Quantifying the losses for a better grasp on reality.

How to present risks in a clear and transparent way avoiding the “overwhelming syndrome”.

Various risk representations are intuitively presented, as they apply to real life case studies.

Lesson learned from past experience.

How you could use your risk management program to get the most value for you and your company.

Real cases about CDA/ESM applications.

Balangero Asbestos Tailings Dump case study.

KISS approach to Risk Based decision making.

Crisis models and management.

Crisis Management…prediction of depth and duration of economic turmoil.

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