Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast

Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast

Dec 14th, 2009

Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast

This Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast course is the perfect alternative for busy professionals! Attend these live sessions from your workstation at home or in the office.
Prior to the course you will have access to online e-learning material which will increase your understanding and appreciation of the webcast.

This course also contributes to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)!


This course introduces a unified transparent approach to risk and crisis management and explores the link between the so called financial and non-financial risks.
It covers the evolution of qualitative, quantitative approaches in risk assessment, how to present risks in a clear and transparent way, and how to use your risk management program to get the most value for you and your company.
It also presents crisis management, prediction of the depth and duration of economic turmoil, and how companies should react when faced with a crisis.

Who Should Attend?

This webcast will be of particular interest to mining project managers, planning engineers, regulators, bankers, insurers and other mining specialists. Nn mining experts will find it interesting because it covers general modern risk management areas, generally neglected by professional development courses.

About the Authors

Franco & Cesar Oboni lead of Oboni Associates, of Switzerland and Vancouver. They have conducted a broad range of engineering projects, risk audits and geo-environmental hazard mitigation studies as well as planning and management of a wide variety of multi-disciplinary studies.

Date: 9, 10, 11 February 2010
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