A few comments on a recent paper entitled “Not up in the air. Risk-management lessons from the volcanic ash cloud”, pubished by on April 20th

A few phrases from the paper named Risk-management lessons from the volcanic ash cloud are copied below in italics, then commented: …Conventional thinking about risk management holds that risks are mainly local and routine—that it is possible to list all the negative events that could happen, determine their probability based on past experience… Risk-management lessons from the volcanic ash cloud Two common wrong behaviors are indicated in the phrase above: 1) risks to be included in a risk assessment are not…

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How to rationally select among alternatives in long term projects with CDA-ESM

This post is companion to the already published: How to get the most out of (Vegetable) Waste Oil for your Small or Medium Business: CDA-ESM can help you to select the best option put link An ”average sized” fast food restaurant or any equivalent Vegetable Waste Oil (VWO) producing business is used to show the benefits of rational decision making using an innovative alternative evaluation methodology called CDA/ESM (Comparative Decision Analysis/Economic Safety Margin). CDA/ESM is particularly useful when comparing long…

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