On time, on budget, in control, showing your leadership with sustainable capital expenditure, even during recessions and economic, financial crises.

Riskope can also help you solve insurance denial situations adding value to you existing risk assessments, risk registers, ERM in an ingenious way. The subtitle of today’s post could actually be spelled out as follows: we will show how your “standard” risk approach (risk assessments, risk register, ERM) that your peers and superiors already understand and “own” can be turned into a cutting edge competitive advantage, freeing capitals for business and production development, leading to more easily defensible, justifiable decisions.…

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What Fukushima (2010) nuclear accident, the Twin Towers (9/11) terror attack, deadly traffic accidents and Aquila earthquake (Italy), hurricanes have in common?

An update of Whitman’s and ANCOLD tolerance/acceptability curves (casualties from man-made or natural catastrophes, large dams failures) shows evidence for a G8-wide societal acceptability. We have already discussed many times how well-balanced and sustainable decisions can only be taken if risks are compared to properly defined risk tolerance /acceptability criteria. The first explicit examples of Risk Tolerance/Acceptability criteria were published in the mid-eighties by Whitman and Morgan. In more recent times the Australian National Committee on Large Dams Incorporated (ANCOLD…

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