Résilience: Une nouvelle expression à la mode? Discussion sur les différences entre les études de Risque et de Résilience.

 Commençons par nous demander si notre livre Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management, F. Oboni, C. Oboni,ISBN 978-0-9784462-0-8, 2007 aurait pu s’apeller «Improving Resilience through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management»? Notons d’emblée que certains auteurs considèrent que Risk Assessment/Risk Management sont le premier pas vers une étude de Résilience, et restent au cœur de toute tentative d’accroitre la Résilience d’un système. Notons aussi que les méthodes que Riskope déploye depuis des années auprès de nos clients couvrent les risques…

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Avoid liabilities by using Optimum Risk Estimates

In one of our recent post we published a series of embarrassing questions that could arise in Court if you had used PIGs…here is how you would reply if you had used ORE instead. 1) So, on which basis did you decide that the probability of the event was “medium” , and more importantly, how did you evaluate the probability of the events? By using ORE we did not define classes, rather we ranked risks by looking at their possible intolerable…

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Is it true that PIGS can fly?

Despite their notoriety, “Risk Matrices”, Probability-Impact Graphs (PIGs), “Heat Maps”, have critical and potentially damaging intrinsic problems. That’s what Oboni Riskope Associates Inc. have learned thanks to two decades of Risk Assessments for extremely interesting and unusual projects awarded by a number of forward thinking clients. When looking at Risk Assessments of operations, plants, networks, we can affirm that PIGs (we will use the acronym generically, to also include risk matrices and heat maps) do not fly. They are misleading…

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Arbitrary selections in Risk Management are a liability.

We can see a day when a case will be challenged in court against a company that used Probability Impact Graphs (PIGs) for their risk assessment. The questions that could be asked will be horribly embarrassing and very damaging to the PIGs’ user, as they will tend to prove that the approach constituted a professional negligence, due to the breach of Duty of Care. Here is a preliminary list of questions that could be asked: So, on which basis did…

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