Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber-Attacks

Riskope was invited to give a talk in Switzerland at the Geneva Dialogue 16th-17th of April 2012. That conference was geared toward Critical Infrastructure Protection, Resilience Enhancement, Strategies for the Future with participants from Canada, China, various European countries, Mexico and the USA. Riskope presented “Risk Management: steering your organization through difficult times” (presentation available for free to registered blog users on demand) where we showed how standard heat maps, probability impact graphs and other indexed approaches (PIGs) fail to…

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Resilience: A new buzzword? Discussing the differences between risk and resilience improvement studies.

Let’s start by asking ourselves if our book « Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management (Oboni F., C. Oboni,, ISBN 978-0-9784462-0-8, 2007) could have been entitled instead “Improving Resilience through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management “? First of all let’s note that some authors rightly consider and explicitly state that Risk Assessment/ Risk Management are the first step towards a resilience improvement study, and remain at the heart of any attempt to increase the resilience of a system. We…

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