Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber-Attacks

Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber-Attacks

Apr 25th, 2012

Riskope gace a talk on Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber-Attacks. The venue was in Switzerland, at the Geneva Dialogue 16th-17th of April 2012. That conference was indeed geared toward Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber-Attacks. The general theme is Critical Infrastructure Protection, Resilience Enhancement, Strategies for the Future. Participants came from Canada, China, various European countries, Mexico as well as the USA.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber-Attacks


Risk Management: steering your organization through difficult times

Riskope presented “Risk Management: steering your organization through difficult times”. The presentation is available for free to registered blog users on demand. In the presentation we showed the deficiencies of standard  approaches. As a matter of fact heat maps, probability impact graphs and indexed approaches such as risk matrix fail to fulfill the needs of governments and corporations. As a matter of facts, government and corporations require to properly evaluate and keep up to date holistic , entreprise-wide risk assessments (ERM). They also need to optimize their risk exposures to gain critical competitive edge, and steer away from downturns or crisis.

We presented a case study from real life showing how we integrate into an ERM predictive knowledge about depth and duration of the economic recession  originally published by Riskope in the fall 2008. We can of course integrate in the same approach various cyber risks. This enables a convergent process of rational mitigative decision making.

PIGs risk matrix, as stated earlier in this blog and in other publications simply do not allow the depth, transparency, rationality and repeatability Riskope’s Optimum Risk Estimates (ORE) approach offers to its users.

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