Riskope Short Course at Colorado State University

Riskope Short Course at Colorado State University

Jul 18th, 2012

Riskope Short Course at Colorado State University: On Sunday, October 14, 2012 (08:30AM to 5:00PM) Riskope will present a short course at Colorado University Tailings and Mining 2012 Conference  on ORE (Optimum Risk Estimates).

This short one day course will bring much needed answers to anyone involved in evaluating tailings risks in projects. Those include pre-feasibility level, operations, decision-making in the mining industry. We will use plain language and our standard technical glossary . Because of that, no mathematical knowledge is needed to understand the base concepts of ORE .

Riskope Short Course at Colorado State University

Tailings dam risk course

Why this course?

Recent major losses incurred by Mining Operations/Projects and Corporations around the world have in fact shown that usual qualitative, matrix-based, Risk Registers leave their owners widely overexposed.

The Course will first discuss liabilities brought to Mining Operations and Corporations by (Tailings) Risk Management approaches using “Risk Matrices”, Probability-Impact Graphs, “Heat Maps” (we will use the acronym “PIGs” risk matrix generically, to also include risk matrices and heat maps). In the second part we will show, by using real case studies how Mining Operations and Corporation can benefit from a transparent, proved and constructive approach called Optimum Risk Estimates (ORE) (Optimum Risk Estimates ©Oboni Riskope Associates Inc., www.riskope.com ). ORE can be built on top of existing Risk Registers based on PIGs risk matrix and represents a very significant enhancement of the Operation’s/Corporation’s steering and governance capabilities.

Risk matrices, 4×4 or 5×5 are not enough!

When looking at Tailings Risk Assessments for Mining Operations and Corporations we will show that “PIGs risk matrix do not fly”. They are misleading and could get their users straight in front of a Judge.

In this course we present the formal, transparent, yet simple ORE approach, which avoids pitfalls and liabilities linked to PIGs risk matrix. Like PIGs risk matrix, ORE is suitable for a wide range of risks. However it leads to a clearer, rational, defensible description of the project/corporate risk environment (risk horizon). To date we have deployed ORE to tailings systems, mining ingress/egress studies, environmental risk assessments.  Also, ORE supports cyber-defense programs at national scale. Finally, ORE deployments have occurred  at various levels. For example from pre-feasibility to detailed design, operations, and acquisitions (in parallel and to support the Due Diligence Team.

In this course we use real life case studies to show the benefits brought to Operations/Corporations by using ORE. Fortunately, ORE can reuse most of the work already developed to establish a Operation’s/Corporation’s PIGs risk matrix.

With ORE it is possible to upgrade existing Corporate Risk Register. Finally ORE helps steering Operations/Companies/Projects toward a rational, defensible and transparent stance.

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