ISO 31000 IEC, ISO 31010 and Tolerance, Risk Ranking, Crisis and Reputational Impacts

Back in 1999, in a course we were giving on a regular basis at UBC (Continuing Education, University of British Columbia), entitled “Design of Risk Management Systems”, then in the book entitled Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management ( A guide to Making Better Decisions ISBN 978-0-9784462-0-8) we were promoting a strong linkage between Risk Management and Crisis Management as well as the need for robust, science based, risk ranking methodologies. ISO 31000 IEC, ISO 31010 and Tolerance, Risk…

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Looking Back To Move Forward – The Risk Analysis Legacy of The TITANIC

Riskope thanks Evelyn Ramsey for this interesting post. This post is less a history of the disaster of the Titanic and more an insight into the legacy that the incident left to future risk analysis professionals. All data and information has been collected from public sources and will be identified where relevant. The events of April 14th 1912 are infamous; the Titanic hit an iceberg on her maiden voyage and 2 hours and 40 minutes later she sank, leaving 1,503 passengers…

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L’Aquila earthquake verdict explained from Risk Crisis Management point of view

Data for this summary have been gathered through media and publicly available records. Details we consider “irrelevant”  for this discussion on L’Aquila earthquake verdict explained from Risk Crisis Management point of view have been omitted because of space limitations. We will start this post by summarizing the tragic tale of L’Aquila, a city featuring many historic public buildings and centuries old residential structures located in Italy, a country where retrofitting of old (privately owned) structures to meet new seismic safety criteria is…

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