Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Course on Rational Risk and Crisis Management

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Course on Rational Risk and Crisis Management

Jun 11th, 2013

We present our next endeavor: Course on Rational Risk and Crisis Management in Kuala Lumpur. This course is suitable for anyone who is involved in process hazards, risk quantification and preparation of 360 degrees, holistic, ISO 31000 compliant Risk Assessment for business, operations, projects. You can see the brochure and registration information here.

Course on Rational Risk and Crisis Management in Kuala Lumpur

The methodologies introduced in this course will greatly benefit money lenders, insurers in addition to corporate managers, upper management.

You should attend if you want to:

  • do your best to ensure your business survival by proactively managing risks and crises.

  • ensure healthy coverage (as an insurance, as an insured) and money lending (as a debtor, as a lender).

  • be able to understand how the situation around and inside your company evolve and want to make sure you take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Finally, follow this course if you

  • care about your workers, people, society and understand that it is important to leave a legacy that is better than the one you received.

What to do?

Capitalize on the expert knowledge to gain maximum value on these vital issues:

  • IDENTIFY the risks that really matter and have the potential to disrupt your business

  • CONVINCE money lenders that your business will be sustainable in a world of shrinking credits

  • DISCOVER the issues that could lead to crises possibly hampering your growth

  • PINPOINT the threat that is lurking in any commercial contract, ready to bite you

  • EXAMINE what can you do if your insurance denies your next coverage

  • ANALYZE how can you best support the next critical decision in a transparent, rational way

  • EVALUATE what you can do by yourself and what should be done by a risk consultant; as well as REALIZE what you can ask from a risk consultant and what he should deliver

  • GENERATE value and proactively defend your business by understanding your business risk and crisis landscape.

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