Mount Polley Discussion. Closure.

Mount Polley Discussion. Closure.

Feb 10th, 2015

Mount Polley Discussion. Closure.

So, a lot has been said, a lot will be saidon the Mount Polley Discussion. Closure., and written (here and here ).
But for the moment, let’s try to close the discussion with a figure we have been using in our courses on Risk and Crisis Management for over a decade.

Mount Polley Discussion. Closure.

Risk, mitigative costs, vs public outcry.

It shows Risk Reduction vs. Investment in mitigation, acceptable levels and development of public outcry in case of accidents.  No Laws, codes stipulate the acceptable levels of mitigation. They generally derive from social, political and technical consensus.

In the last years Public Outcry tendency is significantly increasing, as our society is less prone to accept “excuses” and “truth covering” tactics from governments, authorities and corporations.

That shift means that the acceptable mitigative threshold will have to slide accordingly. Until societies find a new equilibrium.


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