Intensive Risk Management Module at the University of Turin SAA (Business School)

Intensive Risk Management Module at the University of Turin SAA (Business School)

Feb 18th, 2016

We just gave a Intensive Risk Management Module at the University of Turin SAA (Business School). The University of Turin asked for a 24hrs, intensive course spread over three dasys.

Twenty two delegates were present. They came from a wide spread industrial and institutional horizon including start-ups and mature entities.

Intensive Risk Management Module at the University of Turin SAA (Business School)

Dr. F. Oboni, Ph.D. President Riskope

We facilitated various activities

First we discussed well known methodologies (FMEA, NPV, ORE ). Second we tackled their limitations and clarify their fields of possible application. Third we facilitated various activities, as follows:

  1. We presented a simplified quantitative hazard analysis of a large portfolio of US start-ups. In fact, it was built using big-data approach and we discussed its rather surprising results.
  2. Delegates’ groups selected by “participant’s affinity” performed Hazards identification and quantification exercises.
  3. Delegates evaluated themselves in terms of their risk and innovation appetite using a scoring system.
  4. In addition we presented a questionnaire which helps deriving a personal objective risk and innovation appetite rating and related “talents”. It was filled by delegates.
  5. We presented a simplified start-up functional model.
  6. Delegates had the opportunity to study six start-ups (failed or successful) case histories. As a matter of fact, they discussed each one in qualitative, Boolean (failed/not failed) way based on the functional model. Finally,
  7. delegates split in working groups with “equilibrated” teams, in terms of “risk and innovation appetite”.

Groups prepared a risk assessment

  1. Groups prepared a risk assessment including Hazards identification and quantification. The object was a specific start-up case. Groups used functional model and techniques they acquired during the course.
  2. Published results (see point 1) showed very intriguing agreement with the risk assessment results (see point 8).
  3. Delegates then impersonated “the clients” (project promoter/start-up team) who requested the risk assessment and their “risk consultants” in a role-play. Consultants had to present the risk assessment to clients and a debate ensued. We highlighted strategic positioning, presentation tactics, strengths and weaknesses.
  4. A second role-play was then organized. As a matter of fact a “decision making committee” asked three consulting groups to perform a risk based decision making support on a corporate pivot operation. In fact the object was closing a division & transferring competences in the particular case. Finally, the “best team” emerged after a lengthy discussion during which the class defined selection criteria emerged and we discussed presentation techniques.

The delegates were absolutely great and participative. Indeed, we all learned from each other.

We look forward to repeating this experience in other Universities and directly at the HQ of private entities.

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