Business tales, awe and success

Business tales, awe and success

Jun 16th, 2016

We just rolled out our new course for businesses, entrepreneurs, startups. The title is Business tales, awe and success. Participants came from various business areas including mechanical engineering, green energy, automotive, wellness and health as well as engineering.

Learn to write/rewrite your business story to plan for success. Embrace changes that will inspire awe and confirm your unique leadership.

The two days event is an interactive and guided journey between literary analysis techniques. We also teach more advanced business decision making support methodologies.

The Russian formalist Vladimir Propp proposed a structural and functional analysis technique adaptable to any narrative. In fact the narrative may include the current and future issues of your business. Furthermore, the synergetic link between Propp’s literary work and modern decision making support methodologies offers powerful solutions to modern business people. For they seek to enhance their performances, ensure a future to their businesses, from startups to mature companies.

Business tales, awe and success

Every entrepreneur, in creating his own company has started, like the characters of tales, by a need to fulfill or an initial desire, and found on the way obstacles, and possibly aid, in reaching his/her goal.

Fairy tales characters are generally ogres, fairies and elves, i.e. characters and fantastic environments while fables and other tales are always accompanied by a moral, i.e. a teaching related to an ethical principle of behavior. Tales are deeply rooted in reality and although their characters generally belong to ancient times, their modes of action are in fact archetypes of unchanging human behavior. Hence business tales can help laying out complex business situations and solve issues by analogy.

Tales full of fears and beliefs correspond to inefficient, possibly poorly managed, struggling situations. While tales of awe and success occur when we are able to see the surrounding environment in a clearer way. We do that by using modern decision making techniques and fearlessly engaging in our path, avoiding pitfalls as well as mishaps.

Writing your own story, empowering yourself to change things, abandoning beliefs and fears with clearer vision made possible by innovative methodologies means to significantly increase your chances of durable success.

Why follow this course?

All entrepreneurs start with a dream, a mission to achieve. During these courses participants discover the necessary tools to “defeat the dragon and win the Princess.”

Looking at our everyday business arena from a completely different point of view will make it easier to find out ways and categorizations. Indeed, you will learn how to move away from structures created by misleading beliefs or negative stereotypes.

Finally, during the course participants see how the various functions that build a tale, like functional elements, can also be used to reconstruct the pattern of a business and to find solutions to problems that seem impossible or long-standing.

How will I benefit?

A highly interactive seminar dedicated to all those who want to rewrite their business path by changing their observation point.

A “prodigious” synergy between literary analysis, derived from the ancient archetypes of folks tales, and the latest decision support techniques . It will help to find solutions where today we see only difficulties and uncertainties.

Participants comments

A very interesting and stimulating course environment!

F.C. Health and Wellness Business Owner.

 By far the most interesting course I have followed in ten years.

A.S. CEO of an Engineering Company. And finally:

 Using your wings to leave your comfort zone and land into “the” reality!

T.B. Consultant.


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