IoT paves way to sustainable mitigation

IoT paves way to sustainable mitigation

Sep 15th, 2016

Internet of Things, IoT paves way to sustainable mitigation once data transmission is wireless and sensors are ubiquitous. Based on recent experiences, there are no limits to the spaces and devices that could be instrumented in a mine. The information provided this way offer numerous ways to optimize mining operations and additionally to understand how operational risks evolve.

IoT paves way to sustainable mitigation

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During the implementation and deployment of such an application, it is possible to mix-and-match:

  • Internet of things (IoT),
  • discrete sensor and
  • monitoring reporting,

using a business intelligence platform. The business intelligence platform receives data and treats them to re-estimate probabilities and consequences. Thus it effectively allows the risk landscape update as required (for example real time, weekly, monthly…).

IoT paves way to sustainable mitigation

Here are a few examples to show how internet of things paves way to sustainable mitigation:

  • It broadcast piezometers, inclinometers, flowmeters, vehicle data in real time. The goal is to provide updated information usable in risk assessment revisions.
  • Multi-temporal data acquisition, especially after heavy rainfalls, is of high relevance regarding the evolution of risks in sloping grounds. Focus lies not only on the locations where erosion and material transportation occurs but also on the quantification of elevation changes and volume differences. Topographic instruments or drones flights can deliver the required information at discrete times or simply as required. Finally,
  • ehen it is available, we merge data from inspections and expert opinion with the above.

At each new data entry, at discrete time intervals, as required or in real time, depending on the application, we perform new probability-magnitude estimates for the hazards and their consequences. That allows Bayesian updates of the risks. Finally, risks are displayed in ORE dashboards to give managers and decision makers the best possible understanding of the risk landscape recent evolution.


The benefits found in linking multi-temporal objective data acquisition with a dynamic convergent risk assessment platform in a mining environment are boundless. Indeed, linking between drones data acquisition, classic monitoring devices and the ORE risk assessment platform using Bayesian updates of probabilities, frequencies and other selected parameters offers a scalable, economic way to “step into” a new level of sophistication and understanding.

Connecting a dynamic quantitative risk analysis platform with a high performance data gathering technique:

  • reduces costs,
  • avoids blunders, and finally
  • constitutes a healthy management practice, especially for long-term projects requiring short or long term monitoring.


Come to our next courses in (A path to zero failures in tailings facility) Keystone (Colorado) Oct 2nd, 2016 and (Risk Assessment, Decision Making and Management of Mine Waste Facilities) Vancouver Nov 13th, 2016 (B.C.) to see how we do it and how we performed it for a project in northern Italy.

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