Mining Activities Gamification

Mining Activities Gamification

Aug 17th, 2017

In a Mining Activities Gamification initiative in cooperation with Microsoft, Codelco, the world’s biggest copper producer, announced a contest. The objective is to see who can design the best Chuquicamata underground mine using Minecraft.

Codelco’s chairman said the event could expose “thousands of children and young Chileans” to the mining industry. “We need to engage new generations in the importance of the mining industry in the country’s development”. These were the words of  Microsoft Chile general manager.

Mining Activities Gamification is an interesting approach to find out-of-the-box ideas and foster innovation.

Other mining companies are also looking at hackatons to find idea out of the box

Mining Activities Gamification risk implications

One could consider the result of a Mining Activities Gamification or any exploratory project endeavor as a conceptual “startup”. A sort of spin-off from a “mother” corporation.

If the Mining Activities Gamification actors are not corporate personnel there will be an advantage. The screening level risk assessment will likely be non partisan. Thus congenital flaws become easier to spot. This is not a warranty, however, and a rational risk assessment process like the one we use for generic startups should occur from the very beginning.

Once the preliminary ideas, perhaps several alternatives, develop at screening level, a pre-feasibility risk analysis can start to allow further alternatives comparisons. At that point a preliminary CDA-ESM (risk adjusted life-cost estimate) should be carried out.

As ORE would have been used since the beginning, the hazard and risk register would grow organically as the project’s alternatives are developed. At TMW2017 in Banff we will teach a one day course specifically on this subject, discussing the Balangero Asbestos Mine Environmental Rehabilitation.

Mining Activities Gamification closing considerations

Mining Activities Gamification is no panacea to come to mining projects “epiphanies”. However it can certainly help in finding out-of-the-box solutions coming from “fresh eyes” with no preconceived ideas.

Such an endeavor should come with a rational and efficient approach of risk-based decision-making. Contact us to learn how Riskope can help.

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  1. Abraham Pasalo says:

    Just read this article and am excited to learn more on your Gamification articles risk Management in Minerals and mining sector.

  2. Abraham Pasalo says:

    I am delighted with the contents and approaches used in your articles .

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