Tailings dam portfolio screening level risk assessment

Tailings dam portfolio screening level risk assessment

Oct 3rd, 2017

Tailings dam portfolio screening level risk assessment is the title of our latest paper on this extremely interesting subject.

The paper uses a case history to show how we helped management of a complex operation with a portfolio of dams to develop a risk management road-map.

Tailings dam portfolio screening level risk assessment

In addition uncertainties, incomplete information are always explicitly considered when we deploy tailings dam portfolio screening level risk assessment.

Tailings dam portfolio screening level risk assessment

The dam portfolio approach addresses managers who have finite time and can unfortunately only devote limited attention to this particularly important issue.

The approach allows enhanced and “early” decision making as the goal is to perform screening level prioritization of dams before engaging in more detailed analyses.

The approach is applicable to “corporate portfolios”, i.e. from a few dams in a single operation to many dams in many operations.

The tailings dam portfolio screening level risk assessment approach, is quantitative . Indeed it uses “as simple as possible, easily available, public raw data” as the idea is to maximize efficiency and allow very focused actions on the structures with the highest risks.

Furthermore the paper discusses:

  • advanced deployments of the same approach using modern data sources (drones, satellites),

  • the results of enhanced risk prioritization techniques


Deploying a tailings dam portfolio screening level risk assessment brings the following benefits:

  • Confidence, clear decision-making and powerful leadership.

  • Clarity and transparency from streamlined Risk Assessment.

  • Optimum allocation of resources and effort, focusing detailed analyses where necessary.

  • Ease of internal and external communication thanks to the use of a clear glossary and definitions based on solid science.

  • Rational and unbiased inclusion of lessons learned.

  • Enhancement of disclosure transparency, negotiating angles and increase of competitive edge, and finally

  • support in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and SLO (Social License to Operate) maintenance.

Contact us to lean more about this type of approaches or come to our course in Banff.

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