Risk module in MBA course

Risk module in MBA course

Jan 24th, 2018

We just delivered the third edition of our Risk module in MBA course at the SAA (University of Turin, Italy, School of Management).

Each time we roll out a new course edition we eagerly await the delegates’ reactions.

Risk module in MBA course

This years we had in front of us a very active and brilliant group of professionals. Here are a couple comments at the end of the three days module:

Angelo Costa, Ph.D., Head of Innovative IT Solutions Sales Department at TIM wrote: “Thanks! And, again, congratulations for the course. I am reading Riskope’s papers in your Knowledge Center” and finding them extremely interesting. I will likely get your book and keep it at hand in my technical library.

Flavio Doglione, President AEC SpA wrote: “I found the test and the Ikigai concept fascinating. I want to thank you and let you know the risk module was fantastic especially as you kept sharing your international experience and case histories. I will certainly follow your blog from now on!”.

Risk module in MBA course highlights

Through a series of exercises of increasing complexity delegates had the opportunity to practice the correct glossary and then:

  • semantically correct structures of threat-to/ threat from,
  • hazard identification,
  • probabilities estimates,
  • multi-dimensional consequences evaluations and finally
  • risk.

We made a point to illustrate each point with countless anecdotes and “vignettes”.

The subjects of the risk assessment exercises varied from a high level new high-speed transportation corridor to a detailed analysis of the course amphitheatre.

Delegates were able to realize by themselves the limitation of classic 4×4 or 5×5 risk matrix approaches (FMEA). They came to understand the advantages of modern approaches, especially when risk informed decision-making (RIDM) is requested.

Then we offered delegates the opportunity to use a Riskope test which delivers a view on the participant talents and risk taking archetypes.

We then performed exercises first with “homogeneous” groups, i.e. delegates with similar talents and archetypes, then with “mixed” groups.

Finally delegates saw by themselves that mixed groups by far outperform homogeneous groups.

Closing remarks

It will be a great pleasure for Riskope to bring this Risk module in MBA course around the world to your school, corporation, operation.

In the same way if you are interested, we can run a course for your group, anywhere in the world.

Contact us to explore the organization of this three days intensive risk module. You will come out transformed!

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