Convergent Leadership Divergent Exposures

Convergent Leadership Divergent Exposures

May 12th, 2021

The title of our new book is Convergent Leadership Divergent Exposures. The manuscript was delivered to our publisher on March 1st 2021 and should be published by July 29th 2021.

Convergent Leadership - Divergent Exposures Climate Change, Resilience, Vulnerabilities, and Ethics

How will Convergent Leadership Divergent Exposures benefit you?

Today’s corporate, industrial and government decision makers must address risks and hazards on a scale never before encountered. As a matter of fact, policy makers and managers face complex business-as-usual hazards, black swans and Acts of God that can lead to devastating accidents and tedious force majeure disputes. Generally the culprits are:

  • lack of resilience,
  • poorly evaluated vulnerabilities,
  • uncertainties,
  • interdependencies, and finally
  • ripple-effects resulting from divergent hazards lurking in our complex world.

The chapters provide the knowledge to make competent decisions, convince peers or top management to take appropriate action, or beat out the competition for climate adaptation measures including adjustments for design and operations. Topics include:

  • business-as-usual vs. divergence;
  • the effects of public pressure on corporate, industrial and government decision making;
  • techniques for gathering the proper information to assess risks and hazards;
  • the importance determining risk tolerance thresholds;
  • the difference between tolerable risks, intolerable ones that benefit from mitigation and those that require strategic shifts and finally,
  • why common practice approaches such as FMEA, risk matrices are inadequate in today’s world and do not help ensure infrastructural and systemic resilience and

Convergent Leadership Divergent Exposures impactful real life examples, anecdotes and full studies.

Case histories and three complete case studies pertinent to any industry or project walk the reader step by step from client request to recommendations and conditions of validity. The ultimate aim is to understand how to reduce risks to tolerable and societally acceptable levels while simultaneously creating sustainable and ethical systems.

For over 30 years we have been working in the field of convergent risk-informed mitigation of divergent hazards, geared toward increasing predictability and foreseeability of climate-related events through innovative quantitative risk assessments that are:

  • scalable,
  • drillable, and in addition
  • updatable.

We have extensively deployed the techniques outlined in this book in a multitude of industries, ranging from natural resources to automotive, food, transportation, infrastructures and finally insurance. We also have used these techniques in humanitarian demining, city planning, utilities and to assist armed forces.

Burning questions answered by Convergent Leadership Divergent Exposures

How are you going to convince the board that your company insurance coverage may be reduced safely? Or that, contrary to many leading management theories, the company may have to increase its buffer stocks? Finally, how will you explain that climate change can actually offer opportunities for those who can evaluate their risks in an objective way? Ever thought about rationally going where no one dares to go?

Unique points discussed in Convergent Leadership Divergent Exposures

The book is about divergent risks and discusses how convergent quantitative assessments can support decision making related to:

  • climate change,
  • resilience, ethics as well as societal and corporate well being,
  • operational risks, tactical and strategic risks planning,
  • mitigation optimization, risk management, and finally
  • infrastructural and systemic sustainability.

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