A risky mission

A risky mission

Sep 14th, 2022

We undertake a risky mission today. That is to reply to information requests we have received from various interested readers in a very concise manner.

The risks of the mission mostly arise from:

  • the wide breath of the requests: “please let us know where we could learn about Riskope tailings management activities and methodologies” and
  • the necessity to select among the vast available documentation.

A classic preliminary reply

We generally start our reply by inviting interested readers to visit Riskope’s website ,  and in particular the methodological section.

Reading this very blog, where interested readers can find hundreds of technical discussions on risk, is the second recommendation.

Of course, learning to use the freely available risk engineering glossary, is paramount to avoid unpleasant confusion and misunderstanding.

Books and technical papers

Also, anyone can freely download technical papers from the website tool-box. The database goes back to 2003, so it covers selected papers over twenty years.

Finally interested readers can visit the books section. The database goes back to our first book, published in 2007, entitled Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management.

Our latest book is Convergent Leadership-Divergent Exposures: Climate Change, Resilience, Vulnerabilities, and Ethics. The publisher is Springer Nature and the book can be purchased there or through Amazon.

Some of the books are available as free downloads, such as The Long Shadow of Human‐Generated Geohazards: Risks and Crises.

 The video library

In the last few years, since the Pandemic has forced everyone to use remote conferencing platforms, we have started uploading our conferences on YouTube.

Here they are, the most recent on top:

  • TCFD and TNFD for mining concepts examples and caveats 2022 03 21
  • The effects of climate change on tailings dams risks discussed 2022 03 21
  • Simplified tailings dams risk assessments need to remain meaningful 2021 08 05
  • Concentrate transportation from mine to market is critical to mines profitability 2021 04 08
  • Guest Lecture UoA on Balangero asbestos mine geo-environmental rehabilitation 2021 02 23
  • Probability of failure vs Factor of Safety discussion. Geomechanical vs. semi-empirical methods 2020 11 03
  • A conference on quantitative ERM risks 2020 10 13

Closing remarks on a risky mission

Trying to concentrate twenty years of Riskope’s R&D in the field of tailings dams risk assessment and management, and related publications is indeed a risky mission.

We hope the text above helps interested readers to gain some better understanding of our philosophy and goals while enabling them to better navigate the maze of the discipline.

Our mission is to support industry and society in solving the conundrums posed by active and inactive or closed tailings storage facilities and other industries in compliance with international codes and societal requirements and ethical expectations. A risky mission indeed, for us all.

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