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Traffic accident caused major explosion in Bologna


On August 6th Italian media sadly reported: Traffic accident caused major explosion in Bologna. Traffic accident caused major explosion in Bologna; What happened Two trailers following each other collided. One of them was loaded with liquid propane. Those two then reportedly hit a third trailers loaded with new cars. The accident happened on a viaduct going through a semi-industrial/ urban environment. A fire started in the car transport trailer. By chance, several police units were either onsite or nearby and…

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Laotian hydro dam collapse: more about risks


Last week we discussed a recent catastrophic failure. Now we delve more into the Laotian hydro dam collapse: more about risks. We go back to the first-cut estimates we published. They delivered staggering values at portfolio level and, of course,  intolerable risks. The image above courtesy of MDA shows an image with the: location of the collapsed dam, partially drain reservoir, flooded fields and changes in river channels, and finally, flooded villages. In an international current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region we read interesting…

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Laotian hydro dam collapse


A series of events starting Sunday July 22nd lead to a Laotian hydro dam collapse with nefarious consequences on the population downstream. The collapsed dam was part of the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydroelectric power project, still under construction. Xe-Pian and Xe-Namnoy are the main dams of the project. The project is located in the central Laotian Attapeu Province, involves Laotian, Thai and South Korean firms. Laos PDR is particularly rich in vertical drops with hydro-generating potential. As a matter of fact,…

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Which risk comes first and for whom?


In a world where socio-political and climate evolve in a dynamic and fast pace which risk comes first and for whom? Swiss Re example Reportedly, Swiss Re Ltd. will not provide anymore insurance or reinsurance to businesses with more than 30% thermal coal exposure. The new policy applies to existing and new thermal coal mines and power plants. It covers all lines of business and Swiss Re’s global operations. The implementation of the new thermal coal policy comes as part…

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Cyber world of crypto mining hit by real life natural disaster


No way to escape reality: Cyber world of crypto mining hit by real life natural disaster. We already discussed how the allegedly super-safe world of crypto-currencies is not so safe and news keep pouring in. However we are sure very few though that flooding could cripple the synthetic world of crypto-currencies. Years ago we wrote in this blog about a CEO who thought that our approach to multihazard risks was “too technical” and not “enough business oriented”. That CEO was…

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Water Treatment Process And Plants Quantitative Risk Assessments


Riskope’s experience on Water Treatment Process And Plants Quantitative Risk Assessments is growing. Over the last six years we have performed at least 1-2 such studies per year, covering a wide scope of work, mostly for mining clients. Examples of Water Treatment Process And Plants Quantitative Risk Assessments in Mining Review of big picture hazards and risks impinging on a Mining Water Treatment Plant project. These include, but are not limited to: Natural hazard around the operation and transportation corridor;…

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Mine site closure and long-term responsibility


We were recently invited to participate to a public discussion on mine site closure and long-term responsibility. Of course we participated and commented from our risk and reliability point of view. Below we summarize a few points we made. Perpetuity Various voices and now UNEP demand for continued stewardship, management and monitoring and finally information for projects and mining operations during production and closure. Long term decision making cannot be based on censored and biased scenarios, ignore uncertainties. That would…

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