Riskope é lieta di annunciare il varo del piano di franchising di Terapia 2.

Terapia 2, Centro Termale ufficiale di Salsomaggiore, Tabiano e Trescore lancia il suo piano di franchising in vista di uno sviluppo italiano ed estero.

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The Cure to Risk Management Syndromes

The cure to Risk Management Syndromes includes six points. The cure to Risk Management Syndromes In a well managed organization hazard specialists should define the hazards, their magnitude, and to a certain extent, with facilitation, the likelihood of a strike. Then a Risk Manager will determine the risk posed by these hazards, after helping to evaluate probabilities and potential consequences of the hazards hitting the system. Finally he will deliver a risk estimation in a clear and transparent way. He…

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RISK MANAGEMENT RELATED SYNDROMES Hazards have to be treated transparently, which of course does not exclude confidentiality, in order to avoid various well known organizational risk-related money wasting syndromes which we will summarize in three points: The “specialist syndrome”: this syndrome leads hazard specialists of a given hazard, for example IT, military, political, or financial experts to believe they understand how to evaluate risks. They do not: they can characterize the hazard they specialize in, but they do not know…

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