Tailings management Geoethics considerations

Tailings 2.0 include Tailings management Geoethics considerations. Furthermore Tailings 2.0 fosters the link between a new way of tackling quantitative risk assessments and geoethics requirements in modern society. Tailings 2.0, the result of over twenty years of research and development, marries the requirements presented in the UNEP report and offers unparalleled support to independent risk assessors. The UNEP report identifies its requirement in distinct ways. For example by stating: “Establish independent waste review boards to conduct and publish independent technical reviews…

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Tactical and Strategic tailings dams risk management

Tailings 2.0 is designed to allow Tactical and strategic tailings dams risk management. Tactical and strategic tailings dams risk management The definition of corporate risk tolerance and acceptability foreseen in Tailings 2.0 allows to sort risks in tolerable/acceptable, intolerable but manageable, intolerable and requiring a strategic shift (in short: strategic risks). This is the most pertinent and efficient way to sort risks. We can actually see the three different classes of risk, namely the blue, yellow and red classes. The…

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Traffic accident caused major explosion in Bologna

On August 6th Italian media sadly reported: Traffic accident caused major explosion in Bologna. Traffic accident caused major explosion in Bologna; What happened Two trailers following each other collided. One of them was loaded with liquid propane. Those two then reportedly hit a third trailers loaded with new cars. The accident happened on a viaduct going through a semi-industrial/ urban environment. A fire started in the car transport trailer. By chance, several police units were either onsite or nearby and…

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Laotian hydro dam collapse

A series of events starting Sunday July 22nd lead to a Laotian hydro dam collapse with nefarious consequences on the population downstream. The collapsed dam was part of the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydroelectric power project, still under construction. Xe-Pian and Xe-Namnoy are the main dams of the project. The project is located in the central Laotian Attapeu Province, involves Laotian, Thai and South Korean firms. Laos PDR is particularly rich in vertical drops with hydro-generating potential. As a matter of fact,…

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Mine site closure and long-term responsibility

We were recently invited to participate to a public discussion on mine site closure and long-term responsibility. Of course we participated and commented from our risk and reliability point of view. Below we summarize a few points we made. Perpetuity Various voices and now UNEP demand for continued stewardship, management and monitoring and finally information for projects and mining operations during production and closure. Long term decision making cannot be based on censored and biased scenarios, ignore uncertainties. That would…

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Landslides risk assessment

Natural and man-made slopes portfolio require Landslides risk assessment in order to ensure sustainable management. Slopes present hazardous geo-morphological processes such as landslides which can occur discretely (some deformation, cracking followed by a large movement) or “continuously” (deformations ranging between a few millimeters and several centimeters per years with occasional accelerations followed by a return to “average velocity”). Shall we manage hazards or risks? Any slope, anywhere in the world, has a probability of occurrence (of “first” failure). Continuously sliding…

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Open pit walls catastrophic failure probabilities for a captive insurance

Four or five years ago an insurance company asked us to estimate open pit walls catastrophic failure probabilities for a captive insurance. A that time of our study recent publications of pit wall failures databases we not yet available. Like we did for tailings dams failures in 2013 we used approximate data we found, i.e. a sample portfolio of forty open pits records and a table from a 1996 Swedish with 24 open pit failures research. Open pit walls catastrophic…

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Data required for ORE2-Tailings risk assessment

Every group we present ORE2-Tailings to is curious about the Data required for ORE2-Tailings risk assessment. In follow-up to a presentation, the client requested the following three information:  What are the 30 diagnostic points ORE2-Tailings uses to evaluate the annual probability of failure of a dam?  Is there a peer reviewed publication about the methodology?  What are the steps to define the risk tolerance of a corporation or an operation/project? Data required for ORE2-Tailings risk assessment This section summarily describes…

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