ORE2_Tailings Potential Failure Causality Analysis

ORE2_Tailings Potential Failure Causality Analysis is one of the features of Riskope’s tailings dam specific application. Indeed ORE2_Tailings looks at the causes of dam failure rather then the reasons why dams fail (the “failure modes”). That is because the root cause of a dam failure is typically the result of a combination of deviances. Recent forensic studies on major catastrophic failures have eloquently demonstrated that. Normalization of deviance Catastrophic failures, like most major accidents are indeed always generated by an…

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Claudio Angelino as our new Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Riskope is pleased to announce and welcome Claudio Angelino as our new Principal Geotechnical Engineer. Claudio has a Master of Science from the Imperial College and more than 30 years of consulting history. Experience includes studies, design ad site supervision of complex geotechnical works for the infrastructure construction industry. Claudio Angelino is a professional engineer with the Italian Institution of Engineers since 1989. In the last ten years Claudio expanded his professional experience internationally.  Transportation projects include railways, bridges, canals.…

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Risk definition is paramount amid tailings problem

Risk definition is paramount amid tailings problem. A recent example is the Almaden Ixtaca Project, Mexico. We read in a publicly available information: “The mine plan has a dry stack filtered tailings facility, and co disposal with waste rock with no tailings dam, eliminating the risk of a tailings dam failure.” We salute the effort to reduce from inception a source of multiple hazards and hence risks generated by the tailings dam. However we want to discuss a few notions…

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Transportation related mining accidents

Transportation related mining accidents can be tricky due to their multiple aspects. In addition they often occur outside of the operation perimeter. In general, transport infrastructure is exposed to natural hazards as well as man-made hazards. Indeed, in a recently published study named “A global multi-hazard risk analysis of road and railway infrastructure assets” produced interesting results. “~27% of all global road and railway assets are exposed to at least one hazard and ~7.5% of all assets are exposed to…

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Real Estate Due Diligence vs. Risk Informed Decision Making

Real Estate Due Diligence vs. Risk Informed Decision Making stems out of reading a real estate deal due diligence guide by Jon Hegwood. The guide states that “the due diligence period is a formalized discovery window to confirm assumptions, identify potential hiccups, uncover unforeseen issues, and ultimately, determine the feasibility of a project. It’s the active mitigation of physical, financial and legal uncertainties”. Given that definition and our experience in large contracts, Mergers and Acquisition risk assessment it was inevitable that…

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Cobriza, Peru tailings dam failure

Cobriza, Peru tailings dam failure occurred at Cobriza in Peru on July 10th   2019.  Cobriza is a copper mine. Reportedly “the concentrator was operated at a rate quite below its capacity due to lack of mine ore and lately (2016 and 2017) due to lack of capacity in the tailings dam“.  The plant is also subject to a highly controversial liquidation. Media invoke poor management as a cause of the failure. Google Earth image of the Cobriza mine tailings in Peru. The failed…

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Framing probabilities of new normal patterns

Framing probabilities of new normal patterns is oftentimes necessary. For example when geopolitical changes, climate change, etc., alter long term “normal” patterns. Oftentimes that occurs with seemingly repeated extreme events. The probabilities in the “New normal” may significantly alter the risk landscape around a project or a corporation. They may transform tolerable risks into intolerable ones, tactical risks into strategic ones (see figure below). To ensure decision-makers and management can keep optimizing tactical and strategic planning a rational, emotionless update…

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Risk Assessments Strategy and Strategic planning

Risk Assessments Strategy and Strategic planning is inspired by a book entitled Strategy for Executives. In that book strategy is defined as “a compendium of deliberate choices that an organization makes to maximize its value over a given period of time”. Defining Strategy and meaning of risks We like the book’s dynamic definition of strategy. Moreover, it fits very well with our definition of strategic risks which derives from the use of explicit risk tolerance thresholds in the ORE methodology.…

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