Claudio Angelino

Claudio Angelino, M.Sc., D.I.C., P. Eng., is Riskope’s Principal Geotechnical Engineer.

Claudio’s clientele are major international engineering consultant companies. His CV is approved for projects by the Asian Development Bank, World Bank and the EU Technical Assistance Facility. Claudio is a Professional Engineer with the Italian Institution of Engineers since 1989.

Claudio’s consulting history includes studies, design and site supervision of complex geotechnical works for the infrastructure construction industry. With a total of 31 years experience, ten of which in the international arena, his missions have covered roads, railways, water treatment plants, large monitoring plans, bridges, dams and canal projects. He was recently appointed as geotechnical specialist in an international panel of experts set up by the Lao PDR government in the aftermath of the Xepian Xenamnoy 2018 dam disaster.

Claudio has a strong experience in deep piling, excavation sequencing, groundwater and seepage control, slope stability both in soils and rocks, ground improvement, earth structures, geosynthetics engineering applications and has also worked on many flood protection schemes including dykes design (stability, seepage, etc.).

International experience

Over the last twenty years Claudio has cooperated with Riskope on many Italian projects related to natural or industrial hazards and land planning risk management, including the environmental rehabilitation of the Balangero Asbestos Mine and several large Alpine landslides impinging on the Olympic corridor (2010 Turin Winter Olympics).

Claudio has worked in Australia, United Kingdom, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kosovo, Tajikistan and Lao PDR.

Projects have included

  • Ground investigation and soil assessment
  • Deep foundations, ground improvement, excavations, retaining structures, geosyntethics engineering
  • Roads, railways, flood defence schemes, metro, bridges, canals, dams
  • Slope (soils and rock) engineering and monitoring plans
  • Groundwater control, drainage schemes, seepage analysis
  • Natural hazards risk management
  • Project and team management, client liaison, project cost auditing
  • Prefeasibility to life service studies
  • Disasters: prevention, preparedness, emergency, damage repairs
  • Natural risk land planning

Selected Papers

F. OBONI, C. OBONI, C. ANGELINO, B. VISCONTI, Integrated hydrogeological and environmental restoration of landslides affecting a large asbestos mine dry tailings dump, Proceedings Tailings and Mine Waste 2011, Vancouver, Canada
F. OBONI, C. ANGELINO, B. VISCONTI, The Cassas Landslide and its impacts on an international & Olympic transportation corridor: studies, monitoring, solution and crisis plans, The second World landslide forum, FAO, Rome, October 2011

F. OBONI, C. ANGELINO, J. MORENO, Using artificial intelligence in an integrated risk management program for a large alpine landslide, International conference on landslides and climate change, challenges and solutions, Isle of Wight, UK, 2007

F. OBONI, C. ANGELINO, B.VISCONTI, R. CURTI, A. GHIONE, Environmental restoration of a 60M m3 dry asbestos tailings dump using risk based decision making, CLRA 2006 Reclamation and Remediation: Policy to Practice, 31st Annual Meeting and Conference, Canadian Land Reclamation Association (CLRA) Association Canadienne de Rehabilitation des Sites Degrades (CRSD) and the 9th Meeting of the International Affiliation of Land Reclamation (IALR), Ottawa, 2006

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