Team Profiles

Team profiles of Riskope’s open network of professionals (interdisciplinary experts) include highly-skilled engineers, scientists, and risk and crisis managers. Riskope selects them  to meet the unique needs of our customer assignments.

Team profiles

Project teams are led by Franco Oboni, Cesar Oboni, or Claudio Angelino based on subject matter and project’s locations.

Our knowledgeable, senior professionals are fully engaged in all aspects of the project. They bring specialized technical knowledge and extensive experience working in capital intensive industries with global operations, including resource extraction and processing, energy generation and distribution, transportation, and government.

demonstration plot with Riskope's team profiles members.

Riskope’s customized approach means clients receive tailored attention and personalized solutions, thus not packaged studies.

Riskope works around the world. Our consultants are multi-lingual, thus allowing Riskope to deliver our services in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. In fact, the team is also conversant in German and Japanese.

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