Risk Assessment, Decision Making, and Management of Mine Waste Facilities

Risk Assessment, Decision Making, and Management of Mine Waste Facilities

Oct 25th, 2015

Date(s) - 25/10/2015
All Day

Hyatt Regency Vancouver


At the Tailings and Mine Waste 2015 Conference

Animated by Franco Oboni, Riskope, Cesar Oboni, Riskope, and Jack A Caldwell, Robertson GeoConsultants.

Regulators are more and more demanding risk-based evaluations in permitting tailings facility construction, operation, and closure. The public is asking for a path to “zero failures”. Mining companies are more and more sensitive to the consequence of tailings failures and want to reduce risk without incurring excessive costs.

Balangero asbestos waste dump environmental rehabilitation

Balangero asbestos waste dum environmental rehabilitation

Risk practitioners are asking hard questions about what constitutes a tolerable (real world) risk. Practitioners are demanding clarification of what constitutes good practice in the use of formal risk-based decision making (RBDM) tools in the management of tailings facilities. The public and insurers are more and more asking questions that only rational, quantitative risk assessment (QRA) can answer.

This course is for all who have to design, permit, construct, operate, insure and ultimately close a mine tailings facility, waste rock dump, or spent heap leach pad.

The course describes the use of risk assessment and decision making methods during all phases of the management of a mine waste facility.

Topics included are:

  • Site selection for a new tailings facility using decision making methods.
  • Design of tailings facilities based on risk management and mitigation.
  • Continuous performance improvement during the operation of a tailings facility.
  • A discussion of the implication of new MAC recommendations (for example higher factors of safety) in terms of probability of failure.
  • Risk assessment in the conduct of dam safety inspections and reviews.
  • Tailings facility closure scenarios assessment using risk-based approaches.

Case histories spanning some thirty years and spreading from South Africa to Latin America, Canada and Europe will be used through role-plays to illustrate the use of risk analysis and decision making in both informal and formal ways as part of the professional and responsible management of mine tailings facilities. Attendees will leave the course equipped to select methods, to apply principles, and to make decisions leading to better, safer management of their mine tailings facilities.

The course is intended for:

  • Mine managers and operators, insurers who need to ensure the mine’s tailings facility, waste rock dump, or spent heap leach pad is safe, cost effective, and in accordance with current good practice.
  • Consultants who design new mine waste disposal facilities, assist in their operation, and plan closure works and who therefore need to be aware of and able to incorporate new and relevant RA & RBDM methods.
  • Civil engineers who undertake dam safety inspections that demand the use of risk assessment methodologies.
  • Regulators who have to review and approve new tailings facilities, expansion of facilities, and ultimately the closure of such facilities.
  • Surface and groundwater hydrologists and specialists faced with management of surface water and seepage from tailings facilities, waste rock dumps, and spent heap leach pads.
  • Environmental scientists who are charged with protection the environment of the site and surrounding region of mine waste disposal facilities.


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