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Event: Quantifying Tailings Dam Risks at Mining Insurance & Risk Association
Date/Time: 11/06/2020 - 8:00 am - 9:00 am

On June 11th there will be a online event entitled Quantifying Tailings Dam Risks at Mining Insurance & Risk Association (MIRA). The talk presents a comprehensive approach to address how to quantify and prioritize tailings dam risks, especially in the context of large dams inventories.

Flyer 2020 Online Tailings Presentation – Franco Oboni

Recent interview by CIM/Crownsmen

Latest book on Tailings dams management

Quantifying Tailings Dam Risks at Mining Insurance & Risk Association

Generic technical literature on quantitative risk assessment for dams and levees exists starting with the US Corps of Engineers all the way to space applications at NASA. However, due to apparently excessive complication, the mining industry has been reticent to introduce quantitative risk assessment for tailings dams.  Today, ORE2_Tailings™ makes quantitative risk assessment accessible to mining companies in a sustainable and specific way. That is especially useful when large inventories (portfolios) are present and require sensible prioritization.

Recent reports document the scope of the challenge, like, for example:

In this context, the application of cutting-edge risk-assessment methodologies and risk-management practices can contribute to a significant reduction and virtual elimination of dam failures. The discussion focuses on identifying and describing the risk-assessment approaches and risk-management practices allowing to:

  • develop a reasonable way forward,
  • achieve sustainable socially and corporately acceptable levels of tailings dams’ risks and finally
  • enhance value by applying Risk Informed Decision Making

We will discuss the following topics:

  • Appropriate selection of operable KPIs.
  • Probabilistic approaches looking at the dam system and not “just the dam”.
  • Avoidance of Failure Mode-driven reality censoring (human factors and arbitrary credibility).
  • Avoidance of hasty shortcuts (e.g. using consequences only rating) and their misleading effects.

Quantifying Tailings Dam Risks at Mining Insurance & Risk Association

To register your interest please email james.fryer@cnahardy.com. There will be opportunity to present questions during the webinar session. Please feel free to send through any questions in advance. We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible.

Event: MBA Risk Management Module
Date/Time: 12/12/2019 - 14/12/2019 - All Day

Fifth edition of the MBA Risk Management Module

Location: SAA – School of Management

Organizer/where: SAA Turin (University of Turin School of Management)

Fifth edition of the MBA Risk Management Module

This is the fifth edition of our Risk module in MBA course at the SAA (University of Turin, Italy, School of Management).

Through a series of exercises of increasing complexity delegates will have the opportunity to practice the correct glossary and then:

  • semantically correct structures of threat-to/ threat from,
  • hazard identification,
  • probabilities estimates,
  • multi-dimensional consequences evaluations and finally
  • risk.

MBA Risk Management Module

We make a point to illustrate each concept with countless anecdotes and “vignettes”. Furthermore this year we will use the horrific highway accidents in Bologna as well as the Morandi Bridge disaster to illustrate numerous aspects of risk management.

Delegates will e able to realize by themselves the limitation of classic, common practice 4×4 or 5×5 risk matrix approaches (FMEA). They will come to understand the advantages of modern approaches, especially when risk informed decision-making (RIDM) is requested.

This year again we will offer delegates the opportunity to use a Riskope test which delivers a view on the participant talents and risk taking archetypes.

We will then perform exercises first with “homogeneous” groups, i.e. delegates with similar talents and archetypes, then with “mixed” groups.


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