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Event: Resources for Future Generations 2018 a Keynote Lecture
Date/Time: 16/06/2018 - 21/06/2018 - All Day
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre, 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver,

.Riskope is proud to announce that we got invited to present at Resources for Future Generations 2018 a Keynote Lecture

Resources for Future Generations 2018 a Keynote Lecture

Geoethical consensus building through independent risk assessments

It is common that consultants hired by the “proponents of new projects” and the public strongly disagree in their analysis of significant adverse impacts. One of the components allowing to determine potential adverse impacts should be the risk assessment. However, risk assessments are oftentimes the source of conflict, rather that of consensus.

Indeed, numerous voices are raising around the world to show how misleading and fuzzy commonly used risk assessments methods are. Misleading and fuzzy risk assessment are contrary to geoethics principle and cause public rejection.

This keynote lecture presents a case where, as shown by public records, after two iterations between proponent and the Environmental Impact Review Board consensus was not possible. Thus the latter decided to ask a third party external risk advisor to develop a risk assessment.

The goal was to help the different parties to form a balanced opinion on the significant adverse impacts of the project. Indeed, that balanced and informed opinion constitutes the backbone of a geoethical consensus.

A well documented case history

This keynote lecture delves into the peculiarity of the case study. In particular it shows how to deliver a transparent risk assessment by analyzing various steps. They go from the definition of the system, the assumptions, and limitations to the delivery of the final results.

Interestingly, documents on this case are entirely available on the Environmental Impact Review Board public record. This offers scholars and interested party a rare occasion to see how to use and discuss a quantitative risk assessment to reach consensus.

This keynote lecture also showcases how we define the risk metric, we evaluate probabilities and how we define of consequences. This enables a rational discussion going beyond gut feelings and emotions.

In the case history, this enabled a consensus-seeking discussion. The subject were possible mitigation of the project for a safer and more resilient society. As a matter of fact, after a fierce, healthy public hearing, the proponent updated his views on risk. The study identified stretches of road which may require additional mitigation. The proponent proposed additional mitigation for risk exposing people and the environment. Thus conditions set by the Board were finally met.


Event: CIM 2018 Mitigations resilience, economic optimization with military grade risk application
Date/Time: 07/05/2018 - 09/05/2018 - All Day
Location: CIM 2018 Convention & EXPO, 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver,

CIM 2018 Mitigations resilience, economic optimization with military grade risk application is a presentation by Cesar Oboni and Franco Oboni.

It encompasses a methodological review of  convergent, multi-hazard, interdependent system’s analysis and case history in the mining world.

Mitigations, resilience and economic optimization with military grade risk application

Mining and Military systems are astonishingly similar. Diversified miners may have several base metals and other divisions, while the Military have Forces such Ground, Navy, Air Force. Additionally, those Forces, like mining divisions, are interdependent at strategic and tactical level.

All strive for excellence while having hazard exposures and systemic risks at various levels.

Risk Management, systemic resilience enhancements and economic optimization are of paramount importance. Indeed,  miners and armed forces have to:

  • quickly adapt to new situations while continuously operate (asset, maintenance, and stewardship),

  • deal with confidential, secret information,

  • satisfy the public while being heavily scrutinized by antagonists, and finally,

  • operate under expanding web-based automation.

CIM 2018 Mitigations resilience, economic optimization with military grade risk application

The Swiss Army Cyber Defence selected the ORE (Riskope’s Optimum Risk Estimates) methodology. ORE, originally developed for specific mining applications (tailings, power generation and distribution, pipelines, logistic) easily morphed into a convergent, multi-hazard inter-forces risk management program.

The presentation shows a mining industry ORE case history deployment where the “military grade”, risk application allows for risk informed decision and delivers numerous benefits.

In the era of Internet of Things miners can embrace Risk Management 2.0 and maximize the benefits of convergent, multi-hazard, interdependent system’s analysis.

Convergent risk management delivers better understanding, better evaluations, better decisions, greater success, as shown by our CIM 2018 Mitigations resilience, economic optimization with military grade risk application.

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