Risk and Crisis Management lessons, and example, from history

Risk and Crisis Management lessons, and example, from history OK, so in this blog we talk about risk management, risk communication, crisis management and other modern ideas, right? Well let’s talk about these “modern ideas” that actually arose in Rome two thousand years ago. Reportedly the first “Tiber River Management Authority” (Curator alvei Tiberis) was established by Emperor Augustus during a general restructuring of Roman administrations in charge of “highways”, water, fire protection and police. Under this new management concept…

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Can we quantify reputational risk? Basel Committee is getting close to asking this.

quantify reputational risk The Basel Committee is getting closer to asking firms to try to quantify reputational risk and at Riskope we consider it absolutely feasible. Indeed, in the probability-cost of consequence plot (i.e. the “risk space”) reputational risks can be easily added (they come as costs multipliers). These two presentations: Pres1 and Pres2 contain information from our courses and book related to adding reputational components to standard risk assessments and risk based decision making. This type of analyses can…

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Empower your Organization with Skills and Tools Needed for Healthy Growth & Development

A poll has helped to identify what "post economic downturn" Risk and Crisis Management courses should present to students and industrial/financial professionals looking to empower themselves with the latest on the subject. Courses can be brought through different channels directly into corporations/institutions, and Riskope has a cooperation agreement with another company to provide the full spectrum of Risk education, including banking specific knowledge.

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