Business tales, awe and success

We just rolled out our new course for businesses, entrepreneurs, startups. The title is Business tales, awe and success. Participants came from various business areas including mechanical engineering, green energy, automotive, wellness and health as well as engineering. Learn to write/rewrite your business story to plan for success. Embrace changes that will inspire awe and confirm your unique leadership. The two days event is an interactive and guided journey between literary analysis techniques. We also teach more advanced business decision making…

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Corso gestione aziendale e supporto decisionale all’intersezione tra la neuropsicologia e le tecniche di analisi quantitativa

                          Riskope ha appena concluso una tournée di corsi e conferenze in Nord-America che si appoggiano, tra l’altro, sul nostro film di animazione e sulle metafore che esso introduce. Gilles Placet continua i suoi cicli di corsi e seminari basati sulla neuropsicologia e sulle costellazioni sistemiche e quantiche in Italia ed in Francia. A fine giugno Gilles e Franco presenteranno a Torino un corso di due giorni sull’essere ed il…

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Strategy, Leadership and Success in Personal and Organizational Development

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of Riskope’s active service in the international Risk and Crisis Management arena with Strategy, Leadership and Success in Personal and Organizational Development. Although we exist, in one form or another, since 1988, our companies drastically evolved from Engineering to Risk and Crisis Management with the acquisition of a series of very unusual jobs in the early 90s. It appears now that those jobs were the tipping point of our evolution, as summarized by the following images.…

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New ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines

The New ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines’ comes at the end of a four-year development period, during which up to 60 experts, representing 30 countries, worked within an ISO international technical committee. The ISO 31000 Guidelines are designed for a wide range of risk management practitioners, experienced or novice, and for those responsible for risk management oversight who are interested in benchmarking their risk management organisation and practices against a recognized international reference. ISO 31000 describes voluntary risk management…

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Going green or clean tech does not mean to stop thinking!

We have posted many times on the need to develop proper financial comparisons between business alternatives. Going green, emission-free or clean tech is becoming more and more interesting, for many businesses and organizations, especially since enticing financing opportunities are offered by governments around the world. But beware, though clean tech does not mean to stop thinking. Generous financing should not be an excuse for lowering your guard and place a bet on projects, alternatives, developments that may haunt your sustainability, instead of enhancing…

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A discussion of the latest COSO paper on the development of organizations’ resilience to risk.

COSO recently published a thorough PAPER. COSO paper on the development of organizations’ resilience to risk is intended to help foster new dialog between boards and senior executive leadership as they partner to more fully develop their organization’s resilience to risk. We think the paper does address the critical issues, however: 1) it lacks a Glossary, thus it may be misinterpreted by readers that have not been educated in risk. 2) as a consequence of 1), some terms (for example “risk tolerance”)…

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Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast

Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast This Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast course is the perfect alternative for busy professionals! Attend these live sessions from your workstation at home or in the office. Prior to the course you will have access to online e-learning material which will increase your understanding and appreciation of the webcast. This course also contributes to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)! Summary This course introduces a unified transparent approach to risk and crisis management…

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One world, 16 common human traits

As a Risk & Crisis Manager working all over the world supporting corporations, governmental agencies and individuals in their decision making and alternatives selection process we have learned that we, human beings, share very strong and significant common traits, 16 common human traits, despite the apparent huge differences contributing to make our world such a colorful and wonderful place. We are neither psychologists nor sociologists, so we will leave the discussion related to the origins of these common traits to those specialists.…

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