Risk triage, bundling and mitigation roadmaps

Risk triage, bundling and mitigation roadmaps shows how to define strategic, tactical risk and develop an actionable risk integrated framework for projects, operations and corporations. The text constitutes Chapter 8 of the book Global Hot Spots, Caltrop Press. Its title is A Practical Integrated Risk Framework For Projects, Operations And Corporations.  Risk triage, bundling and mitigation roadmaps Readers go through a real-life case risk register. They read about a common practice risks assessment and triage (heat map, PIGs, etc.) and…

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Tailing and Mine Waste 2014 conference entitled “Risk Assessment and Decision Making for Tailings Facilities”

The course emphasys was on risk assessment methodologies, but we included many failures case studies such as the recent Mount Polley (based on public data) and a view on perpetuity. The subject of perpetuity was the focus of our paper at this conference (also with Jack) entitled “Risk Assessment of the Long Term Performance of Closed Tailings Facilities”. Having practiced risk management for over 20 years, we strongly believe in rational and well conceived Risk Assessments and also here. So when…

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