Resilience, sustainability and insurance

At R&R Conference we heard the representative of a major mutual insurance company talking about Resilience, sustainability and insurance. Resilience, sustainability and insurance Resilience was defined as the ability to recover after an accident, the ability to withstand disruption and rebound quickly. The talk also discussed sustainability as it was defined by the UN in 1987. The UN Brundtland Commission was officially dissolved in December 1987 after releasing Our Common Future. The text, also known as the Brundtland Report, coined…

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Randomness and disruption are good medicines in risk assessment.

We recently saw Tim Harford’s TED talk entitled “How Frustration can Make us more Creative”. During the talk he reports psychological tests have shown that students who received handouts written with “difficult-to-read fonts” did better than students with “easy fonts” handouts! Those tests show that “a little difficulty” leads to better results because it slows down the students and forces them to think more. He then cites complex problem solving, which general consensus conside to require a step by step…

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