Riots in Europe do not Come as a Surprise to our Clients

In March 2010 we broadcasted an update of our predictions. We originally published those predictions in November 2008 bearing on the duration and depth of the crisis in the Western World. Riots in Europe do not Come as a Surprise to our Clients Riots in Europe do not Come as a Surprise to our Clients So, please go back to our post-Lehman Brothers (November 2008) communique. We evaluated a 20% chance the recession would last past Fall 2011. In addition there…

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Black Swan Mania: Using Buzzwords Can Be a Dangerous Habit

Black Swan has been a viral epidemic culminating with the economic recession. We are referring to the use of the term “Black Swan”. Indeed Black Swan Mania: Using Buzzwords Can Be a Dangerous Habit. Black Swan Mania: Using Buzzwords Can Be a Dangerous Habit Of course we are not talking about the Tchaikovsky ballet, or the recent related movie. In fact we are referring to the Black Swan Theory which refers “to unexpected events of large magnitude and consequence and…

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Crisis Forecast, One Year and 3 months Later (reality check)

In the “Economic Downturn Magnitude and Duration Quantitative Study” we published in November 2008 a Crisis Forecast in which we established a few classes of “Measurements of Magnitude” for the crisis to come. Now let’s analyze more in detail the case of Greece (not a G20 country, but a Euro country). What can be read in the news is that a “new round of painful austerity measures, including salary cuts for civil servants, pension freezes and tax hikes” is going…

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Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast

Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast This Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast course is the perfect alternative for busy professionals! Attend these live sessions from your workstation at home or in the office. Prior to the course you will have access to online e-learning material which will increase your understanding and appreciation of the webcast. This course also contributes to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)! Summary This course introduces a unified transparent approach to risk and crisis management…

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Crisis Forecast One Year Later

On 14-15 Sept 2008 Lehman Brother went down in flames. In the aftermath of Lehman Brother crash we published on internet a forecast of the crisis “duration and magnitude”. Interestingly, only a handful of contacts asked us clarifications and to give details on the scale of consequence we had used (is it linked to stock markets? To financial indicators?)… May be, no one believed that reasonable predictions can be made? As we were publishing our prediction, we were indeed already…

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Short Courses

On April 14th 2010 Franco is invited to give a half-day long short course at a mining conference in Santiago de Chile. More information here (in Spanish) Similar short courses (customized to your company’s needs) can be organized world-wide, or you can opt for a remote-education solution, as explained here (in English). In February 2010 there will be a 3×2.5hrs webcast by Cesar and Franco, organized by Edumine, from Vancouver. Let us know if you are interested. Examples of courses…

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One world, 16 common human traits

As a Risk & Crisis Manager working all over the world supporting corporations, governmental agencies and individuals in their decision making and alternatives selection process we have learned that we, human beings, share very strong and significant common traits, 16 common human traits, despite the apparent huge differences contributing to make our world such a colorful and wonderful place. We are neither psychologists nor sociologists, so we will leave the discussion related to the origins of these common traits to those specialists.…

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Empower your Organization with Skills and Tools Needed for Healthy Growth & Development

A poll has helped to identify what "post economic downturn" Risk and Crisis Management courses should present to students and industrial/financial professionals looking to empower themselves with the latest on the subject. Courses can be brought through different channels directly into corporations/institutions, and Riskope has a cooperation agreement with another company to provide the full spectrum of Risk education, including banking specific knowledge.

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