Climate change historic prediction

In 1938 the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society published a Climate change historic prediction. An article by Guy Steward Callendar discussed the artificial production of carbon dioxide and its influence on atmospheric temperature. Artificial production of carbon dioxide and its influence on temperature That paper is reportedly the first alert about a phenomenon that has since preoccupied scores of researchers and is becoming main stream reason for ubiquitous protests and even riots. I do not know if Mr Callendar…

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Climate change risks and the Federal Reserve Bank

Consider Climate change risks and the Federal Reserve Bank a follow up to our blogpost entitled (Reporting climate risks). We read that the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco will reportedly host the first research conference focusing on climate change. We consider the UK actions in this field, the coalition of 30 central banks and this latest news as a tipping point in the climate change awareness. One that focuses on present, emerging, residual and latent risks. One that may lead…

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Emerging risks or old risks simply renamed

Today we will discuss if intelligent personal assistants and connected toys using speech recognition technology represent Emerging risks. Or perhaps, they are old risks simply renamed? We are referring to Amazon Alexa, doll My Friend Cayla or various Teddy bears. The environment First let’s keep in mind that any new technology, development comes with upward and downward risks. Oftentimes the upward side opens fantastic new horizons, well worth “tolerating” the downward aspects. The point of this post is to understand…

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