Success and failure criteria in mining risk assessment

The numerous comments made in the aftermath of the Cadia goldmine accident offer the opportunity to discuss Success and failure criteria in mining risk assessment. Cadia goldmine accident comments Several comments congratulated the mine for their overall tailings management, for the limited volumes involved, for the limited breach of the dam. They came from highly experienced dam engineers and mining people. The media, however, focused on the business interruption. Some were not as enthusiastic about the overall performance and stressed…

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Lean enterprises win

Lean enterprises win. A bit more than a century ago the Norwegians conquered the South Pole while well funded and well resourced British “competitors” in the race to Antarctica all died on the way back. Lean enterprises win The Norwegian expedition leader was Roald Amundsen. He trained with the Inuit in Canada during an epic prior expedition to the North West passage. Robert Scott led the British team and showed up at the South Pole 34 days later than Amundsen…

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