Of Hurricanes, Reactive Politics, Risk Assessments

Hurricanes, Reactive Politics, Risk Assessments Hurricane Hazel killed a dozen of people around Toronto in 1954. In the aftermath flood plains development was banned and conservation authorities were created. After the flooding in Calgary, Toronto, Hurricane Sandy last year in the US and the ominous Katrina in 2005 it seems a good time to ask ourselves if we are doing the right things, enough of them, soon enough? Calgary could be the biggest flood coverage payout in Alberta history. In…

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Trains, Commuters, Sandy and Decision-Making… another case for ORE cockpits.

We have been writing our last two posts in Italian, commenting on the “poor Italian risk-culture” (we were not talking about politics, but on cases like Taranto wide-spread contamination or L’Aquila earthquake sentence), but now we have another interesting subject of conversation linked to hurricane Sandy and its consequences to N.J. Trains. We are not going to discuss, as we do not trust “reporting scoops” in general, if the trains were actually flooded or damaged by some other hurricane-linked phenomenon;…

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