SLM and the Probability of failure of a tailings dam

SLM and the probability of failure of a tailings dam goes back 35 years.  A paper entitled “Probability and Risk of Slope Failure” (Silva et al., 2008) proposed using quantification of expert judgement.  That is a subjective/semi-empirical probability evaluation as a practical alternative for determining probability of slope failure. We call this approach SLM, using the initials of the authors. SLM culminates with semi-empirical relationships between Factor of Safety -FoS- and probability of failure -pf-. That relationship allows to estimate…

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Quantifying Tailings Dam Risks at MIRA

Quantifying Tailings Dam Risks at MIRA (Mining Insurance and Risk Association) one hour session took place on June 11th 2020. The talk presented a comprehensive approach to address how to quantify and prioritize tailings dam risks, especially in the context of large dams’ inventories. In this blogpost we summarize the Q/A session that followed the talk, classified by theme. The full talk is viewable on Youtube    At the end we present a synthesis before some closing remarks. Understanding geology and…

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Point Read Operate for Tailings Dams design

Point Read Operate for Tailings Dams design discusses a well-known practice used in other fields. Indeed, if you traveled to Japan you certainly saw metro-trains operators pointing down the platform and calling out—seemingly to no one—as trains roll in and out of the station. Onboard it is much the same, with drivers and conductors performing almost ritual-like movements. If you were in the NAVY you will also remember the PRO method they teach for operating switches, valves, and basically anything.…

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