Neo-mythological risk animals

Various neo-mythological risk animals have caught the imagination of businesses and have had world-wide mediatic success. Unfortunately, sometimes even against their creators will, they generate a slanted image. Many use that image as it allows “iffy” constructs. Furthermore it offers an excuse for a classic human behavior. That is doing nothing and procrastinating. Let’s explain the point: black swans are defined by Taleb as “an unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically ones with extreme consequences” however they have been used and…

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Anthropocene ethical and geoethical issues

Engineering anthropogenic global change is loaded with implicit Anthropocene ethical and geoethical issues to an unprecedented level because of: demographic pressure and the raise of public opinion, thanks to the emergence of the blogosphere. Part of perceived complexity stems out of bad analytical habits Because of: non-linear dynamics and perceived or real complex feedbacks and apparent chaotic dynamics many claim our anthropocenic systems are difficult to forecast and non-intended and counter-intuitive system behavior is likely. In our experience, however, it…

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