Holistic Geoethical Slopes’ Portfolio Risk Assessment in Geological Society

We are proud to publish Holistic Geoethical Slopes’ Portfolio Risk Assessment in Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 508. We want to personally thank Giuseppe Di Capua of IAPG for inviting us. Here is a summary of what we discuss in our paper Landslides of natural and man-made slopes, including dykes and dams represent hazardous geomorphological processes that generate highly variable risks. To optimize a slope mitigation approach, one has to combine the probability of failure and the cost of consequences…

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The Cassas Landslide in North Western Italy

As we presented this case at an the WLF2 conference in Rome, we have decided to publish it on our blog. A fully developed natural hazard risk management and mitigation approach. It constitutes a complete and fully developed case study which included the following phases: probabilistic behaviour forecast, behaviour monitoring (which luckily allowed to actually “see happen” what we had predicted a few years earlier), Risk Based Decision Making (RBDM), and finally implementation of mitigative and crisis management plan. Interestingly,…

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