Framing probabilities of new normal patterns

Framing probabilities of new normal patterns is oftentimes necessary. For example when geopolitical changes, climate change, etc., alter long term “normal” patterns. Oftentimes that occurs with seemingly repeated extreme events. The probabilities in the “New normal” may significantly alter the risk landscape around a project or a corporation. They may transform tolerable risks into intolerable ones, tactical risks into strategic ones (see figure below). To ensure decision-makers and management can keep optimizing tactical and strategic planning a rational, emotionless update…

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Net Present Value Forever? No, thanks, it’s too risky!

We were very pleased when we read on a mainstream media a paper discussing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Net Present Value Method. Net Present Value Forever? Indeed Net Present Value Forever? No, thanks, it’s too risky! The paper addressed investment purposes. However the relation to projects is quite obvious. Actually, aren’t all projects  investments? No, CDA/ESM is way better! As our readers know, Riskope has been proposing and successfully applying the proprietary CDA/ESM methodology in planning, projects’ evaluations world-wide, in a number…

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ISO 31000 IEC, ISO 31010 and Tolerance, Risk Ranking, Crisis and Reputational Impacts

  Back in 1999, we were giving on a regular basis a course at UBC (Continuing Education, University of British Columbia). It was entitled “Design of Risk Management Systems”. Later, in the book entitled Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management ( A guide to Making Better Decisions ISBN 978-0-9784462-0-8) we promoted a strong linkage between Risk Management and Crisis Management. We also stresse the need for robust, science based, risk ranking methodologies. Today we will look at ISO 31000 IEC,…

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