Italian coal miners’ strikes

Had I realized what a life in mining would be like, I’d have head for the hills, rather than become entrenched in it. I was rather surprised to find the mural painting above. It came together with text translated above in italics. It was  on the front wall of a house in Orgosolo, in the mountain of Sardinia, one of the main islands of Italy. A few days after I took the picture, workers at the last Italian active coal…

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Enhancing Efficiency and Efficacy in Humanitarian Programs

Enhancing Efficiency and Efficacy When Enhancing Efficiency and Efficacy we often confuse efficiency and efficacy. Efficiency corresponds to an operation with a high result-versus-costs ratio, for example results vs. energy, time, and money. Efficacy characterizes an action with the power to produce an effect. Efficiency means doing as good a good a job as possible. Effectiveness means getting a result by doing the right job. Reportedly neither efficiency nor efficacy rank very high in the Humanitarian Programs industry, one that…

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