Not all risk assessments are created equal

The UNEP “Mine tailings storage: safety is no accident” report asks mining companies to make environmental and human safety a priority. To ensure mining companies meet that result in management actions and ground operations, a residual risk assessment should be performed. For clarity, residual risk assessments are those that intervene after mitigations or critical controls.  However not all risk assessments are created equal so let’s explore the differences. What are the requirements for a good risk assessment? Risk assessments are…

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The Cassas Landslide in North Western Italy

As we presented this case at an the WLF2 conference in Rome, we have decided to publish it on our blog. A fully developed natural hazard risk management and mitigation approach. It constitutes a complete and fully developed case study which included the following phases: probabilistic behaviour forecast, behaviour monitoring (which luckily allowed to actually “see happen” what we had predicted a few years earlier), Risk Based Decision Making (RBDM), and finally implementation of mitigative and crisis management plan. Interestingly,…

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