Traffic accident caused major explosion in Bologna

On August 6th Italian media sadly reported: Traffic accident caused major explosion in Bologna. Traffic accident caused major explosion in Bologna; What happened Two trailers following each other collided. One of them was loaded with liquid propane. Those two then reportedly hit a third trailers loaded with new cars. The accident happened on a viaduct going through a semi-industrial/ urban environment. A fire started in the car transport trailer. By chance, several police units were either onsite or nearby and…

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Data in probabilities assessment

Data in probabilities assessment constitute an everyday conundrum. The key question is what constitutes essential (understood as basic, indispensable) and ideal (understood as “perfect”) data set. There is no “simple” answer to that question. Consider that we often deal with prototypes or new facilities before commissioning. Past performances may not reflect future behavior because of system or climatic changes. Indeed, any internal or external change to the system has the potential to prove assumptions wrong. In particular, that past experiences…

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