Mining Water Stewardship

Mining water stewardship can avoid the industry running into a global crisis. The Global Risk Report of World Economic Forum (WEF) has indeed identified water as one of the top five risk generating scenarios that could most impact society over the next decade. Mining Water Stewardship The International Council for Mining and Metals (ICMM) has developed guidance documents on responsible stewardship. Mining water stewardship is not only altruistic. Mining operators that do not address water issues may have unacceptable returns…

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Comments on BC tailings dams risk reduction audit

These comments on BC tailings dams risk reduction audit are based on the recently published AUDIT OF COMPLIANCE AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE MINING SECTOR. We enjoyed reading in the audit: “1.10 Risk-based approach We recommend that government develop a risk-based approach to compliance verification activities, where frequency of inspections are based on risks, such as industry’s non-compliance record, industry’s financial state, and industry’s activities (e.g., expansion), as well as risks related to seasonal variations.” We couldn’t agree more. It almost…

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