Public Communication, Consultation & Participation

Riskope thanks Susan Zabolotniuk for this contribution.  This post is a complement to the  Oboni, Oboni, Zabolotoniuk paper entitled “Can we stop misrepresenting reality t the public” presented at the CIM 2013, Toronto conference. It is about Public Communication, Consultation & Participation in the mining industry. It is normal that experts will disagree in their analysis of results, such as with probability or frequency estimates. Yet when the public disagrees with an expert risk analysis they are dismissed as emotional or lacking…

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Evolution of Risk Management and Risk Managers

Twenty years ago positions like “Risk Manager” were held by a “glorified secretarial”. We remember some senior corporate officers calling Risk Managers: “the insurance guy”! Indeed an Evolution of Risk Management and Risk Managers has occurred in twenty years! Twenty years later, lots of pain and efforts have brought the Risk Manager to V.P. level in many companies around the world. Many Risk Management Societies and non profit organization in the domain of risk management, claim, we believe rightly so,…

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