Uncertainties in risk assessments

Uncertainties in risk assessments derive from data, model and system uncertainties. In addition, these mix with soft issues like language and cultural barriers. There are for example languages where the term “risk” simply does not exist, like in Japanese. The closest word Japanese have in their language is 危険 (kiken). It means danger, risk, hazard, peril, jeopardy, pitfall all in one. Thus it fails to grasp the specific concept of risk and generates confusion. This is the reason they had…

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Riskope Short Course at Colorado State University

Riskope Short Course at Colorado State University: On Sunday, October 14, 2012 (08:30AM to 5:00PM) Riskope will present a short course at Colorado University Tailings and Mining 2012 Conference  on ORE (Optimum Risk Estimates). This short one day course will bring much needed answers to anyone involved in evaluating tailings risks in projects. Those include pre-feasibility level, operations, decision-making in the mining industry. We will use plain language and our standard technical glossary . Because of that, no mathematical knowledge is…

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Is it true that PIGS can fly?

Is it true that PIGS can fly? Despite their notoriety, Risk Matrices 5×5, Probability-Impact Graphs (PIGs), “Heat Maps”, have critical and potentially damaging intrinsic problems. That’s what Oboni Riskope Associates Inc. have learned thanks to two decades of Risk Assessments for extremely interesting and unusual projects awarded by a number of forward thinking clients. Is it true that PIGS can fly? When looking at Risk Assessments of operations, plants and even networks, we can affirm that PIGs (we will use…

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