Oil and gas are also victims of risk matrix

A recent paper entitled The Risk of Using Risk Matrices shows that Oil and gas are also victims of risk matrix. The paper analyses the widespread use of Probability Impact Graphs (PIGs, risk matrix) in Oil and Gas (O&G). It comes to very similar conclusions to those reached by other academics and practitioners and us! “Classic” Risk Matrices deficiencies Risk-Acceptance Inconsistency. The regions depicted in common practice PIGs (Risk matrix, Example 1 later on ) feature arbitrary stepped borders which…

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Risk module in MBA course

We just delivered the third edition of our Risk module in MBA course at the SAA (University of Turin, Italy, School of Management). Each time we roll out a new course edition we eagerly await the delegates’ reactions. This years we had in front of us a very active and brilliant group of professionals. Here are a couple comments at the end of the three days module: Angelo Costa, Ph.D., Head of Innovative IT Solutions Sales Department at TIM wrote:…

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